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What is Eli

Eli is an award-winning platform designed to deliver a personalised onboarding experience to each and every new employee - and enviable time, resource and cost savings to your organisation. To find out more about Eli, start scrolling.

Key benefits to your business

More engaged, culturally aligned employees. Increased consistency and first year retention. A reduction in admin costs and time to competency. Whatever your onboarding goals, Eli will help you achieve them.

  • Creates a bespoke, onboarding experience for all, ensuring new employees feel like part of the business before they join
  • Streamlines and automates the onboarding process. Reduces admin-related time, resource and cost
  • Supports those involved in the onboarding process such as line managers and buddies
  • Promotes conversation with line manager, buddy and peers. Builds networks and communities More benefits
  • Increases employee engagement and reduces drop out rates in the first year
  • Allows multi-group management. Create one experience for professional hires, one for early talent and another for contractors
  • Creates more knowledgable, culturally aligned employees
  • Manages compliance and task related aspects of the onboarding onboarding such as forms and contracts
  • Promotes consistency on a national or global scale
  • Prepares new starters for day one, and supports learning and developement through their first 90 days
  • Supports social mobility, ensuring everyone starts with the same knowledge
  • Saves your business thousands and thousands of pounds

Eli savings calculator

How much money could Eli save your organisation each year? Enter a few details below to find out. We do not track this data.

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Where else could Eli support your business?

Eli is a highly flexible and incredibly versatile tool, which can support communication between you and specific audiences at any stage of the employee lifecycle. This means you could create a seamless, brand-aligned experience for people from the moment they apply to the moment they move on. And, because of Eli's multi-group functionality, you can do all this through the same system.

Assessment & selection

You can use Eli to support candidates going through the process of assessment and selection. Preparing them for interviews and tests, giving them advice and guidance on how to do well and, of course, giving feedback on why they weren't successful. Use instant messaging to contact them and answer questions. Use the events calendar to book in interview dates for individuals or groups, and ensure everyone involved in the process is engaged and informed.

Internal communications

Eli comes with a sophisticated content management system that's perfect for internal comms. Create a content structure that suits your business, then tailor that content to the relevant people by level, business area, location or any other criteria you require. And because Eli is responsive, people will have access to that great content through any device. Fill the events calendar with important dates, and use the checklist functionality to make sure tasks are done - like taking part in the employee survey.


Change programmes can be very challenging and bad communication can lead to a disengaged workforce. You can use Eli to communicate with all those involved and keep them up-to-date with proceedings, as well as providing a way for employees to get in touch, should they have questions. You can also tailor the content for different groups or individuals, ensuring they get information that's relevant to them and their circumstances.


When people exit your business it's imperative, where ever possible, that they do so feeling positive about the business. That way, they remain an advocate of the organisation. Eli can help with this, supporting important HR processes and delivering helpful, informative and relevant information to the employee during the offboarding process and beyond. Eli can also be to help create alumni (ex-employees who actively promote and sell your business even after they have left employment) by keeping them up-to-date about, and in touch with, the business after they leave.

Current key features

We've packed loads of award-winning functionality into Eli, and created a system that's second to none. And our detailed roadmap will ensure that Eli continues to lead the way for some time to come. The following key features currently come as standard, or as bolt ons (in black) - only choose the ones you want.

  • Multi-group management.
    Different experiences, and content, for different groups of people
  • Intuitive Content Management System with drag and drop functionality
  • Personalise content for individuals and/or groups and share generic content
  • Content changes made in real time. Preview pages before they go live
  • Detailed MI.
    Every aspect of the site, and its users, monitored for analysis
  • Responsive design.
    Adapts for mobile, tablet and computer screens
  • Branded.
    Tailor the look and feel to suit your brand or brands
  • Document downloads.
    Supports any format
  • Regular core and functionality updates, as standard
  • Password protected.
    Secure hosting
  • Free image library
  • Eli video guides.
    Quick and easy tutorials
  • Quick set-up
  • Open API.
    Link seamlessly with your current systems. Automate processes
  • Instant messaging.
    You decide who can speak to whom
  • Checklists.
    Create tasks for everyone (candidates, line managers, buddies, etc.)
  • Events calendar management
  • Contracts & forms.
    Go paper free, and automate forms and contracts
  • Forums.
    Create threads for different groups. (coming soon)

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We hope this site has given you a good idea of how Eli could add real value to your business. We believe there's nothing else like it in the market today and would love to demonstrate that to you.

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